Chat Control: Your private messages will be scanned

The European Commission is preparing a new law designed to protect children against abuse. The law seeks to prevent the spread of child abuse material by scanning all citizens' messages. Protecting children is essential, but the proposed law would allow governments to scan all our communications, seriously infringing on citizens' rights, and would not actually help address child abuse.

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The EU commission has proposed a new law to protect children against abuse. The cause is good, but the law itself is bad, because it requires online services with messaging functionality to be surveilled, if there is a possibility for children to use the service or if users could potentially use the service to exchange child abuse material. This will affect many communication services and it will mean that your communication will be scanned, because all users of regular communication services will be treated as suspects for child abuse. More specifically this means that your e-mails, chat-messages, video- and voicecalls will be analysed by algorithms, to determine if they contain illegal content. The analysis will happen directly on your computer/smartphone, so that the algorithms can see what you say/write before it becomes encrypted.

Whan can be done against this proposed law? It is important that more people know about it. Share the link to this page! Chat with others about it and talk with your representatives in the European Parliament about it (or write a nice e-mail to them). It is important that there is a public discussion about this topic, so that politicians realise that the law is a bad idea even though this is for a good cause

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We also recommend that you sign the petition against chatcontrol.

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